Stagione TV 2020-21: i rinnovi e le cancellazioni della TV via cavo e dello streaming

Stagione TV 2020-21: i rinnovi e le cancellazioni della TV via cavo e dello streaming


Legenda:  NEW = Nuova serie     Renewed = Rinnovata per il 2021-22   Canceled = Cancellata

  St 4 3%  
Canceled   13 Reasons Why   
NEW   50M2   
NEW   1899   
NEW   Ada Twist, Scientist  Serie animata
  St 3 After Life   
NEW   Agent King   
Renewed St 3 Aggretsuko  Anime
Renewed   Alice in Borderland   
  St 2 Alien  Serie animata
NEW   Alma  starts   
NEW   All for Love   
NEW   All of Us Are Dead   
NEW   AlRawabi School for Girls   
NEW   American Jesus   
NEW   Anatomy of a Scandal   
NEW   Angry Birds: Summer Madness   
  St 2 Another Life   
NEW   Anxious People   
Canceled   Atypical   
NEW   Avatar: The Last Airbender   
Canceled   Away   
  St 2 B: The Beginning  Anime
Renewed   Baahubali: Before the Beginning  Ordinate 2 stagioni
  St 3 Baby   
Renewed   The Baby-Sitters Club  Rinnovato per 2^ stagione
NEW   Barbarians   
NEW   Battle Kitty  Serie animata
  St 2 Beastars  Anime
NEW   Behind Her Eyes  Miniserie
NEW   Bhaag Beanie Bhaag   
Renewed St 4 Big Mouth  Rinnovato per 6^ stagione
NEW   Biohackers   
  St 2 Bitter Daisies   
  St 2 #blackAF   
NEW   Black Space  27/05/2021
  St 2 Black Summer   
Renewed   Blood of Zeus  Anime
NEW   Bloom   
NEW   Bombay Begums   
  St 2 Bonding   
  St 4 The Boss Baby: Back in Business   
NEW   Brand New Cherry Flavor   
Renewed   Bridgerton  Rinnovato per 2^ stagione
NEW   Cabin   
  St 4 Call My Agent!   
Renewed   Can You Hear Me?   
  St 2 Can You Hear Me?   
NEW   Capitani   
NEW   Captain Fall  Serie animata
Renewed St 3 Carmen Sandiego  Serie animata
  St 4 Carmen Sandiego  Serie animata
Canceled   Castlevania   
NEW   The Chair  27/08/2021
NEW   The Chestnut Man   
Canceled   Chilling Adventures of Sabrina  
NEW   A Chorus Line  Miniserie
NEW   City of Ghosts  Serie animata
NEW   Clark   
Renewed St 3 Cobra Kai  Ex YouTube
NEW   Colin in Black & White   Miniserie
NEW   Country Comfort   
NEW   Cowboy Bebop   
NEW   Creator’s File: GOLD  3/06/2021
NEW   The Crew   
  St 2 Criminal: UK   
Renewed St 4 The Crown  Rinnovato per 5^ stagione
NEW   The Cuphead Show!  Serie animata
NEW   Curon   
NEW   Cursed   
NEW   Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!   
  St 3 Dark   
Renewed   Dark Desire   
NEW   Dark Forces (Fuego negro)   
NEW   Dash & Lily   
NEW   Daughter From Another Mother   
Canceled   Dead to Me  
NEW   DeadEndia  Serie animata
  St 2 Deadwind   
NEW   Dealer   
Canceled   Dear White People   
NEW   Detention   
NEW   Dirty Lines   
Renewed   Disenchantment  Rinnovato per 4^ stagione
NEW   Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol   
Renewed   Dota: Dragon’s Blood  Anime
NEW   D.P.   
NEW   Dragon’s Dogma  Anime
Renewed   The Dragon Prince  Rinnovato per 7^ stagione
NEW   Drama Queen   
Canceled   The Duchess   
NEW   Eden  27/05/2021
  St 3 El Chapo  
Renewed St 4 Élite  18/06/2021 Rinnovato per 5^ stagione
NEW   Elves  
Renewed St 1 Emily in Paris  Ex Paramount
NEW   Entergalactic   
NEW   The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants in Space 
NEW   Equinox   
NEW   Ethos   
Renewed St 4 F Is for Family  Rinnovato per 5^ stagione
  St 2 Family Business   
Renewed  St 4 Fast & Furious: Spy Racers  Serie animata
Renewed   Fate: The Winx Saga  Rinnovato per 2^ stagione
NEW   Fatma   
Canceled   Feel Good   
NEW   Firefly Lane   
NEW   From Scratch  Miniserie
NEW   Generation 56K   
  St 2 Gentefied   
NEW   Get Even   
  St 2 The Gift   
Renewed   Ginny & Georgia  Rinnovato per 2^ stagione
    Girl From Nowhere   
NEW   The Girls on the Bus   
Canceled   GLOW   
  St 3 Go! Go! Cory Carson  Serie animata
NEW   Godzilla Singular Point  Anime
NEW   Gone for Good  
NEW   Good Morning, Veronica   
Canceled   Grace and Frankie   
NEW   Grand Army   
NEW   The Great Heist   
Renewed   Great Pretender  Anime
  St 2 Great Pretender  Anime
  St 2 Green Eggs and Ham  Serie animata
NEW   Guillermo del Toro Presents 10 After Midnight 
  St 2 Hache   
NEW   Halston  14/05/2021
Canceled   The Haunting of…   
NEW   He-Man and the Masters of the Universe  Serie animata
NEW   Hellbound    
NEW   Hello, Me!   
Renewed   Hello Ninja SEASON 3 Serie animata
    Hello Ninja SEASON 4 Serie animata
NEW   Her Mother’s Killer (La venganza de Analía) 
NEW   High-Rise Invasion  Anime
  St 3 High Seas [Alta Mar]   
  St 2 Hilda  Serie animata
NEW   Hit and Run  Data debutto ignota
  St 2 Home for Christmas   
Canceled   Hoops   
Renewed   How to Ruin Christmas   
Renewed St 2 How to Sell Drugs Online   
NEW   The House  Data debutto ignota
NEW   Human Resources   
  St 2 I Think You Should Leave With Tim Robinson 
NEW   The Idhun Chronicles  Anime
NEW   In From the Cold   
NEW   The Innocent   
NEW   Inside Job  Serie animata
  St 2 Into the Night   
NEW   Inventing Anna   
NEW   Invisible City   
Canceled   The Irregulars   
NEW   Jaguar   
NEW   Japan Sinks: 2020  Anime
    Jiva!  Data debutto ignota
NEW   Julie and the Phantoms   
NEW   Ju-on: Origins   
NEW   Jupiter’s Legacy   
Renewed   Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous  Serie animata
NEW   Kaos   
NEW   Katla   
NEW   Kid Cosmic  Serie animata
Canceled   Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts   
NEW   Kissing Game   
Canceled   The Kominsky Method   
NEW   La Révolution   
  St 3 The Last Kids on Earth  Serie animata
Canceled   The Last Kingdom   
NEW   The Last Word   
    The Liberator  Serie animata
Renewed St 2 Locke & Key   
Canceled   Lost in Space   
NEW   Love & Anarchy   
  St 2 Love Alarm   
Renewed St 2 Love, Death + Robots  Rinnovata per 3^ stagione
NEW   Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce)   
NEW   Lovestruck in the City   
Renewed St5B Lucifer SEASON 5  28/05/2021, rinnovata per 6^ stagione
  St 2 Luis Miguel, The Series   
    Lupin  11/06/2021
NEW   Mad for Each Other  24/05/2021
Canceled   The Magic Order   
NEW   Magic: The Gathering   Serie animata
NEW   Maid   
NEW   Mama K’s Team 4  Serie animata
  St 3 Marcella SEASON 3  
NEW   Masaba Masaba   
  St 3 Master of None  23/05/2021
NEW   Masters of the Universe: Revelation  23/07/2021 serie animata
NEW   Maya and the Three   
NEW   Memorias de Idhún   
NEW   The Mess You Leave Behind   
NEW   Midnight at the Pera Palace   
NEW   Midnight Mass   
NEW   Midnight’s Children   
Renewed St 2 Mighty Express   
NEW   Mine   
NEW   The Minions of Midas   
NEW   Mismatched   
  St 3 The Missing  Ex Starz
  St 2 Monarca   
Canceled   Money Heist  
NEW   Move to Heaven  14/05/2021
  St 2 Mr. Iglesias   
NEW   Mulligan   
  St 2 The Naked Director  24/06/2021
  St 3 Narcos: Mexico   
NEW   Navillera   
Canceled   The Neighbor  Ultima stagione 21/05/2021
NEW   The Netflix Afterparty   
  St 2 Never Have I Ever   
  St 2 The New Legends of Monkey   
  St 3 Norsemen  
NEW   Notes on Love   
NEW   Oktoberfest: Beer & Blood   
Canceled   On My Block   
NEW   On the Verge   
NEW   The One   
NEW   One Hundred Years of Solitude   
NEW   One Piece   
NEW   One Spring Night   
NEW   Oni  Serie animata
Canceled   The Order   
  St 2 Outer Banks   
NEW   Over Christmas   
NEW   Overlooked   
Canceled St 4 Ozark   
Renewed   Pacific Rim: The Black  Anime
NEW   Painkiller   
  St 3 Paradise PD   
NEW   Paranormal   
Canceled   Peaky Blinders   
NEW   Pieces of Her   
  St 4 Pokemon Journeys: The Series  Serie animata
  St 2 The Politician   
NEW   Pretend It’s a City  Miniserie
  St 4 The Protector SEASON 4 Turkish series
NEW   Q-Force  Serie animata
NEW   The Queen and the Conqueror   
Canceled   Queen Sono Canceled 12/1; S2 will not 
NEW   The Queen’s Gambit  Miniserie
Renewed St 5 Queer Eye  Rinnovata per 6^ stagione
  St 2 Ragnarok  27/05/2021
Canceled   The Rain   
  St 2 Raising Dion  
Renewed   Ratched   
NEW   Reality Z   
NEW   Record of Ragnarok  Anime
NEW   Record of Youth   
    Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness  Anime
    Rilakkuma’s Theme Park Adventure  Serie animata
  St 2 Rita   
    Run On  Korean series
  St 2 Russian Doll   
NEW   The Sandman    
NEW   The School Nurse Files   
NEW   Selena: The Series  Miniserie
NEW   The Serpent  Miniserie
  St 3 Sex Education   
NEW   Sex/Life  25/06/2021
NEW   Sexify   
NEW   Shadow and Bone   
NEW   Sharkdog  Serie animata
NEW   Shimmers   
Renewed   Signs   
  St 2 Signs   
  St 2 Sintonia   
Renewed   Sky Rojo   
  St 2 Sky Rojo  23/07/2021
NEW   Snabba Cash   
NEW   Sneakerheads   
NEW   So Not Worth It   
NEW   Social Distance   
Canceled   The Society   
NEW   Soil   
NEW   Someone Has to Die   
  St 2 Space Force   
Canceled   Special  20/05/2021
Renewed   Splinter Cell  Serie animata
NEW   Spriggan  Anime
  St 2 StarBeam  Serie animata
NEW   Stateless  Miniserie
  St 2 Stranger   
  St 4 Stranger Things   
Canceled St 3 Suburra  
  St 2 Summertime  3/06/2021
NEW   Super Crooks  Anime
NEW   Sweet Home   
  St 2 Sweet Magnolias   
NEW   Sweet Tooth  4/06/2021
Canceled   Teenage Bounty Hunters   
NEW   Thermae Romae Novae  Anime
NEW   Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan  Anime
NEW   Tiny Pretty Things   
NEW   To the Lake   
  St 4 Top Boy   
Canceled   Transformers: War for Cybertron  Serie animata
  St 2 Trapped   
    Trash Truck  Serie animata
    Trese  Anime
    Tribes of Europa   
Canceled   Trinkets   
    The Twelve   
  St 2 Ultraman  Anime
Renewed St 2 The Umbrella Academy  Rinnovato la 3^ stagione
NEW   The Uncanny Counter   
  St 2 Undercover   
NEW   The Unlikely Murderer   
  St 2 The Unremarkable Juanquini   
NEW   The Upshaws   
NEW   Vampire in the Garden  Anime
NEW   Vikings: Valhalla   
Renewed St 2 Virgin River  Rinnovato la 3^ stagione
Renewed   Warrior Nun  Rinnovato la 2^ stagione
NEW   Was It Love?   
NEW   The Way of the Househusband  Anime
  St 2 When Heroes Fly   
NEW   Whispers   
NEW   White Stork   
Renewed   Who Killed Sara?   
  St 2 Who Killed Sara?  19/05/2021
NEW   Why Are You Like This   
  St 2 The Witcher   
NEW   Wizards  Serie animata
NEW   The Woods  Polish series
  St 4 The Worst Witch   
NEW   Yasuke  Anime
  St 3 You   
Renewed   Young Wallander  Rinnovato la 2^ stagione
NEW   Zero   
NEW   Zero Chill   

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