Stagione TV 2020-21: i rinnovi e le cancellazioni della TV via cavo e dello streaming

Stagione TV 2020-21: i rinnovi e le cancellazioni della TV via cavo e dello streaming


Legenda:  NEW = Nuova serie     Renewed = Rinnovata per il 2021-22   Canceled = Cancellata

  St 4 4 Blocks SEASON 3  
NEW   10-Year-Old Tom  starts tbd  
NEW   Adult Material   
NEW   Adventure Time: Distant Lands   
Canceled   Americanah  Progetto cancellato
NEW   Aquaman: King of Atlantis  Miniserie animata
NEW   Arthur’s Law   
NEW   Beartown  Data debutto ignota
NEW   Book of Marlon  Data debutto ignota
Renewed   The Boondocks  Rinnovato per 2^ stagione
    Circe  Data debutto ignota
Renewed   Close Enough  Ex TBS
Renewed St 2 Close Enough   
NEW   DC Super Hero High  Data debutto ignota
Renewed St 3 Doom Patrol Ex DC Universe
NEW   Dune: The Sisterhood  Data debutto ignota
NEW   Duster  Data debutto ignota
Renewed   The Flight Attendant  Rinnovato per 2^ stagione
  St 2 gen:LOCK   
NEW   Generation   
  St 2 Ghosts   
Renewed St 4 Gomorrah  20/05/2021
NEW   Gossip Girl  Reboot 
NEW   Green Lantern  Data debutto ignota
Renewed   Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai  Serie animata, rinnvata per 2^ stagione
NEW   Hacks   13/05/2021
  St 3 Harley Quinn  Ex DC Universe
NEW   I Hate Suzie  
  St 3 Infinity Train  Ex Cartoon Network
NEW   It’s a Sin  Miniserie
NEW   Justice League Dark  Data debutto ignota
  St 2 Love Life   
NEW   Made for Love   
NEW   The Murders at White House Farm  Miniserie
  St 2 The Other Two  Ex Comedy Central
NEW   Overlook   
Renewed   Perfect Life   
NEW   Possessions   
NEW   The Prince  Data debutto ignota
NEW   Pure   
Renewed   Raised by Wolves  Ex TNT
NEW   Santa Inc.  Data debutto ignota
Renewed St 4 Search Party  Ex TBS
Renewed St 5 Search Party  Rinnovato per 5^ stagione
  St51 Sesame Street  Ex HBO
NEW   The Sex Lives of College Girls   
  St 2 South Side  Ex Comedy Central
NEW   Starstruck  Data debutto ignota
NEW   Station Eleven  Miniserie
NEW   Strange Adventures  Data debutto ignota
NEW   That Damn Michael Che   
  St 3 Titans  Ex DC Universe
NEW   Tokyo Vice  Data debutto ignota
NEW   The Trial of Christine Keeler   
NEW   Two Weeks to Live   
NEW   The Uninhabitable Earth  Data debutto ignota
NEW   Uri and Ella  2/05/2021
NEW   Valley of Tears   
NEW   Veneno   
NEW   White House Farm  Data debutto ignota
  St 3 Young Justice: Outsiders  Ex DC Universe
NEW   Young Love  Serie animata

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